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What is Cardano?

Cryptocurrency Cardano is designed with blockchain technology and is among the types of unstymed digital currencies. Cardano aims to make the financial transactions of emerging markets more democratic by building a new economy.

The Cardano project aims to use the transformative power of blockchain technology at global levels. Unlike other projects that are lacking in many respects, especially security, it protects both security and privacy by using an innovative and modern software architecture. What is Cardano?   In case you are curious, you can create  our informational article below.

Creators of Cardano

Developed in 2015 as a joint project of 3 different international institutions,Cardano was built by many leadingacademicians and engineers around the world. In this way, it is a blockchain project presented to the cryptocurrency market.

The Cardano Foundation has under taken on many training and surveillance missions related to the standard acceptance, protection and solid support and introduction of the technology in which they are used. IOHK, a popular worldwide engineering company in the field of blockchain technology, has been a very important role in creating cardano infrastructure and cardano blockchain. Emurgo, the third partner of the project, continues to contribute to the Cardano system by developing commercial applications. Cardano cryptocurrency was  launched under the name ADA.

Goals of the Cardono Team

Cardano wants to be a global blockchain, while at the same time aiming to reduce the cost of contracts and applications and ensure that it is at a safe level. On the other hand, by developing its features, it continues to work to transform cryptocurrency into a system used by millions of people instead of being a fun innovation.

Cardano Crypto Money: ADA

As with any blockchain project, Cardano has a cryptocurrency that it is using. This cryptocurrency is called ADA. People who own this cryptocurrency can buy shares in the stock exchange and transfer ADA to each other, as well as use this money to buy a service or property. You can buy Cardano cryptocurrency ADA through the Thodex cryptocurrency exchange. All your transactions are carried out quickly on this exchange and transferred to your account as soon as possible.


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