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How to Buy Cardano from Thodex

After thodex entered the cryptocurrency market in 2017 with the Koineks brand, the name was changed and it took its current brand name.

How do I get Cardano with Thodex?

Don’t make a nod to how to buy Cardano from Thodex. Because all your transactions are carried out both safely and quickly under the Thodex guarantee. With Thodex being the first domestic and national stock exchange operating in our country, you can make cardano purchases using the Market page.

What to Watch Out For In Cardano Trading

You can purchase Thodex Cardano with market order. The total amount of Turkish Lira that is intended to be purchased during these transactions must be written in the “quantity TRY” field.  When you perform this stage, the amount of Cardano you will receive will be calculated approximately and shown to you. When your order is operated, orders issued by other users may cause up-or-down movements at the price at which the transaction will be performed. When the market order method is used for purchase orders, transactions will be performed automatically on the order currently at the top of the table.

Unit Price, Quantity And Total Fields

When you want to purchase Cardano, the unit price term means the value you specify for the Cardano ADA that you want to purchase. The term quantity will also express how many Cardano ADA cryptocurrencies you want to buy. The total term means how many Turkish Liras should be paid as a result of the Cardano purchase. When you fill in the “unit price” and “quantity” fields, the “total” field will also automatically calculate these values. Using the “Unit price” and “total” fields, the cryptocurrency to be obtained in the “quantity” field will be seen.

More Features of Thodex

Among the most important features of Thodex, Take Cardano from Thodex trading on this platform is carried out among all purchases and users of other cryptocurrencies. You can also use the purchase order and sales order tables to make purchases and sales transactions.

Numerous security measures such as Thodex, dual-stage sign-in and account access are also provided for you by Thodex, ensuring your safety is guaranteed.




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